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Is there a video driver for gateway model MD2419u, windows 7 64 bit, ATI Radeon HD 3200.  Nothing I have found works.

Question asked by 2cantech on Oct 25, 2015

Actually, I thought the screen was cracked, and I bought another screen, but the problem was the same. 
In safe mode, the display is perfect.  In standard mode, It is stripes and boxes and unreadable.

I tried every driver I could find, and the only one that works is standard VGA.


I just reformatted the hard drive, and used recovery disks,  and still, the video persists on being difficult.

I have not gotten the service pack 1 yet.  Do you think that will help?  Is there a magic pill?  I need one.

Standard VGA is 1024X768 and I need 1280 for ProTools.


I plan on using this computer only with ProTools and it shopuld be fine if I can get the video resolution

to 1280, or 1366 which is what it is capable of.  Please, can someone help me?  I have spent two days

looking for a solution.