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Radeon R390 brightness changes based on image/color and in games

Question asked by suaine on Oct 25, 2015

I need some help because this problem is driving me insane.


My new Win 10 desktop computer with a R390 graphics card changes brightness based on background/image automatically. This is especially noticeable in games, where it will fluctate madly, but also happens when my desktop background changes or I open any kind of window.

It's similar to the adaptive brightness feature or vari-bright, but adaptive brightness is completely disabled and Catalyst Control Center doesn't have the vari-bright option at all.

I'm also noticing the card running very loud even in games that shouldn't require too much power.


I have already tried turning off the sensor service despite my desktop not having any kind of camera or light sensor, without luck.

Windows 10 does not offer any option to change brightness at all, but especially there is no auto brightness option.


I have updated the drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, rolled back the drivers and done a little dance, but nothing has worked.


Please, can someone help me?