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AMD's 'Magnum' Chip

Question asked by blazek on Oct 25, 2015
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"The entry in question lists an AMD project codenamed ‘Magnum’ and mentions an FPGA prototype board – as well as the words DTV. Now loyal fans of the company would recognize these words and also how out of place they appear.


The entry in question is a very recent one and reads “PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD ASSEMBLY-AMD MAGNUM FPGA PROTOTYPEBOARD FOR DTV P/N .102-B25432-00 (FOC)”. Although we have heard talk of AMD wanting to dabble in the FPGA side of things this is something even more astonishing – because AMD sold its DTV division back in 2008 to Broadcom. For a little context, DTV stands for Digital Television and AMD was indeed in the DTV business back in the day.


I wasn’t able to find anything on the “AMD Magnum” code name mentioned but the pricing suggests that this is a pretty high end product.


As far as the FPGAs are concerned, I would like to point out that we have previously spotted patents by AMD involving FPGA integration onto APUs – Zen APUs to be specific. These include everything from a re-configurable logic fabric to HBM2. A Zen APU with an integrated FPGA design would be surprisingly versatile in the semi custom market and could have alot of applications. The presence of FPGAs on this prototype board is another reason why this is a particularly high profile project and something that will undoubtedly be very interesting when it comes out."


just something I found while browsing the net