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    Do the FURY X ASYNCRONOUS UNITS AID DX9/10/11 games?

      im asking this because FOR NOW, most games are still running dx9/10//11. well the games i play


      resident evil revalations 2 , a may 2015 game i saw via msi afterburner was using DX9, so i see my cpu flip flopping from 60-100% and my gpu was hovering 40-50%


      is the answer no?


      btw settings always on ultra maxed 1080p,,


      also will we ever get gpu temps n fan speeds in task manager in windows?   us windows insiders have been asking for this for AGESS but maby the question should be asked here INSTED


      sory for being so annoying the past week and like ,, asking loads of questions which make your stuff seem bad, but somebody has to ask this stuff for you to then address the issues and come out ontop