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    4 sticks of RAM


      I received the RAM I ordered, 2 sticks of DDR3-1600, but the RAM does not work at that speed, so I had to manually set it to DDR3-1333. This RAM is 2048MB each. 9-9-9-24 operating at 1333 MHz which is very poor grade. I am not sure if this RAM can be tweaked to lower wait states.




      Now I have 2 more stick of DDR3 which are 4096MB each.


      so running 4 sticks, the BIOS cannot load it up at any speed, yet the northbridge shows the RAM as present


      so is there a BIOS problem which adversely affects my use of memory?


      I am using my Phenom II X4 965 until I fix my other rig, so I am expecting this CPU to be able to use all 12GB of RAM


      Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0

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          Mixing of DRAM is always a crap shoot as mobos do not like differing DIMM designs. On DDR3 DRAM the timings mean almost nothing in performance as long as the RAM will run at ~1600 MHz. or higher as DDR3 running at a frequency of 1600 MHz. is  not a system bottleneck on a CPU powered PC. For APU powered systems you want to be around 2133 MHz. to eliminate any system bottleneck. Countless tests with real applications confirm these frequencies are not a system bottleneck and that only minute system gains are possible with higher frequency DRAM.


          I'd suggest clearing CMOS and manually setting the DRAM to the slowest recommended timings with a 1333 MHz. frequency to see if it is possible to get all of the RAM to function properly. If it still won't work you can try a BIOS update and/or contact your mobo maker to see if the combination you have will work. It's often necessary to have the same DIMMs in all four slots to work properly on most mobos.

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              I have the machine booting, I am using the RAM at DDR3-800 with 7-7-7-18 timing which boots


              In Windows it shows 12GB, but 4.1 GB is being shown as hardware reserved, which is a BIOS defect, I have the latest BIOS for this garbage masquerading as a motherboard




              The BIOS on the northbridge shows all 4 sticks at their correct capacity and location


              I have reset the BIOS, which leaves the machine bricked


              I have to use the MEM OK botton which dials back the memory to DDR-1333 for the BIOS to even be accessible

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              OUR CPU TAKES MAX 1600MHZ i think,,

              i got 8gb 2133mhz (it runs at 1600mhz)

              4gb 1600mhz

              1gb &2gb 1333mhz


              pc works fine


              upgrade to a skylake i7 or wait for amd zen and get ddr4


              THE 4GB IS BEING RESERVED FOR YOUR ONBOARD GPU,, if u have an actual graphics card then disable the onboard one in the bios or set your frame buffer lower,,get it as small as possible


              i reccomend after all this to download amd ramdisc and use your ram as a drive and put ur pagine file on it and chrome/ie cache

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                Hi man. So procesor is ok motherboard is ok memoty is not bicouse: "An important rule is that the speed of RAM should be at least equal if not greater than the speed of the FSB of the microprocessor. RAM will slow always to work with the processor, but if the phenomenon occurs overclocking (ie work at higher speeds than that which ought to work), the system becomes unstable. "

                Ideal would be to go to Bus = FSB ... That way there would bottlenecks from either side.  EEEE good luck