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GPU's throttling R9 290x's 8gb crossfired

Question asked by irish on Oct 25, 2015

Hey all, I'm new here, so go easy on me . Playing witcher 3 atm and my cards are throttling to around 50% usage, getting around 30fps on average at 4k. Have tried overclocking to correct it but not working. Temps are in the normal range too. Tried different crossfire profiles. No ball.

1 card enabled=98-100%usage(1100mhz) 2 cards enabled=25-100% rarely hits 100, about50% on average. Not limited to the witcher, same results in some other demanding games. Except benchmarking tools.

Have tried this fix AMD Performance DLL at The Witcher 3 Nexus - Mods and community  worked at launch but now give me flickering, but amazing 60fps tho. It puts both gpu's too 100%usage for most of the time.

2x r9 290x 8gb tri-x editions 15.7.1 driver

fx 8350

8gb ram



Tried reinstalling drivers.

At my wits end here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.