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For AMD Developers! Windows10 x64bit with Last Drivers Poor Perfomance laptop

Question asked by stanleys on Oct 25, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2015 by goodplay

Hello everyone I have very nice dicent laptop i do play many games without any problems, nice frame rates and this kinde of things, but most of time i do play War Thunder and its only game at the moment, now a few days a go i start notice from time to time freezes and stuttering my frame rate on settings Very High/Medium are avarage 37fps but they go up to 90fps, i'm running on Windows 10 x64bit my gpu is 7670m 2GB + 4GB DDR3 ram and Cpu is intel core i7 3630QM 2,4GHz and boost up to 3.2Ghz plus SSD 500Gb and belive me folks this laptop can run games at dicent settings, i would liek to see improvment on War Thunder Perfomance done by AMD i would like that you boys over AMD look at this and with next update at least have some boost in Perfomance and i know that i'm not the only one to asking for this!


Also now that Gaijin the Developers of War Thunder Lunching new update with brand new render system + many other engine changes to the game and this will have very big Impact on AMD system users! Gaijin allrady have Support from Nvidia and some times it feels that AMD just don't care about AMD useres! Sorry to say that but is my opinion and feel.


I would like to see support from you guys i had loads of Systems based on AMD, and i realy like AMD you guys have huge future!! But get this small things done and more support would be amazing! See what you can do about this with new drivers for Windows 10 and boost perfomance in War Thunder!



With Best Regards Stan.