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HSA software stack

Question asked by bsp2020 on Oct 24, 2015
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I'd like to know what software stack people should use to use HSA. I've been following the development at HSA Foundation · GitHub

I thought what was required were HSA-Runtime-AMD and HSA-Drivers-Linux-AMD. There was Okra-Interface-to-HSA-Device but I think it was used for older version (HSA 1.0p?) and not used any more.

Now I hear about HSAKMT (AMD Does First Release Of HSAKMT Library As Part Of Open-Source HSA - Phoronix) and I'm not sure where that fits in the stack.

Now that HSA 1.0 compliant hardware is out and HSA software seems to be maturing, does AMD plan to release a set of software that will work together so that people who want to use HSA can get all they need from a single place? I have tried various HSA software stacks (GCC, Numba, C++AMP) and it requires that I get different pieces of software from different places and involves tweaking/copying/moving files to get them to work and the documentation are not always up to date.


It seems that every software package is trying to do a release this fall or have released a version during the past couple of month. It would be nice to be able to download set of *.deb files from a single place or set up HSA software following a single document. "Getting started with HSA" or something like that would be helpful. I see that there is a docker container for HSA but it is 8 month old. Maybe it's time for an updated version?