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Resets on wakeup with Displayport 1.2 monitor

Question asked by mdagbro on Oct 24, 2015
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I'm getting complete system resets every single time i wake my computer from suspend, ever since I started using my new 4k60 monitor. If i set my monitor to only use DP 1.1, everything works. If i enable DP 1.2 (which i need to get 4k60) it also works great - until i suspend the computer and try to wake it. The power light will then go on for about a second before the system shuts down completely. After this, my motherboard will keep trying to restart every few seconds until it finally POSTs and tells me there was a problem with startup.


I'm using an XFX 280x Basic with BIOS 113-TAHITI_XTL_3GD5_H_130805KLB1_W8 and Catalyst beta driver 15.10. The monitor is a Philips BDM4065UC, 4k60 DP1.2 SST monitor. Has anyone seen something like this before?