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Very Dark Shadow Issues

Question asked by wylondwor on Oct 24, 2015



I know there are a lot of threads with this problem, but I have a terrible black-shadow issues in Far Cry 4. I tried all the settings/tricks, what other users say ( set Ambient Occulsion to SMAO, God Rays off, Blur off, and tons of variations of these. I Have AMD R9- 380 4GB OC edigiton
Intel core i5-4460 3,2 MHZ
Kingston HyperX 8GB RAM
AsRock B85 PRO4
FsPHexa 550+

Tired in windows 8.1 pro and now with Windows 10 (original license both) still dark.

The game is run fine almost in ultra settings, but the shadow failure is ruin the game experience, i try re-and uninstall AMD drivers (3-4times), but nothing change. In Shadows In Light