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Triple Monitoring, side Monitors getting wrong resolution

Question asked by bygodspeed on Oct 24, 2015

Hey guys, longstory short:
I got 3 Screens.
1 Dell 1080P  via Displayport
2 Benq 1680x1050 via DVI


The Dell is the middle screen, the benq's are for extending left and right.
My PC recognizes all 3 monitors with the right product name / resolution.
The Dell get's the right resolution, the Benq's however not.
Eventough i selected 1680x1050, the image is blurry, i got black bars on the side and the screen tells me "Out of Range".


When i set 1080p for the Benq's, what shouldn't be possible, the screen is filled out with no black bars. However it's still blurry and obviously the wrong aspect ratio.


As soon as i unplug my Dell and use the Benq's alone, they work in proper native resolution.
I tried the newest stable and beta driver. Both with the same issues.


GPU;  Single HD7870
OS: Windows 10 newest upgrades installed


Hope you guys can help me, if you need further information, let me know!