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thread stuck in device driver

Question asked by shinchan7530 on Oct 23, 2015

     I'm running crossfire 280x's and recently made the upgrade to windows 10 and also updated to the latest amd drivers and from the research i've done i seem to be the only person still having this problem and its driving me insane after my pc is at the desk top for about 1 minute or so it crashes with out exception it crashes literally every single time and says thread stuck in device driver. i've seen where removing the gaming evolved program helped some people but i don't even have it installed and i checked my registry for anything related to raptr and nothing at all.


     i've seen mention that disabling on board graphics might help but i've yet to even find a way to disable it i checked my bios and it made no mention of it so currently im stuck to using my computer with the cards not powered on so i can actually use the thing any suggestions besides the ones i've mentions would be much appreciated.