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CNCSimulator Pro & Windows 10 - Machine models are corrupted

Question asked by spacebeer on Oct 24, 2015



I am using CNCSimulator V2.0.0.5 on Windows 10 and have issues with machine models. As you can see in the link bellow, machine is not visible when Catalyst drivers are installed (15.10 or 15.7.1). When I use Windows 10 generic display driver, there are no issues.


Catalyst 15.10 Beta or 15.7.1 Stable!37892&cid=0E3E63BCCA0ADDD5&group=0&parId=E3E63BCCA0ADDD5!20444&authkey=!AGqdFcQb3nP5u_0&o=OneUp


Windows 10 generic!37893&cid=0E3E63BCCA0ADDD5&group=0&parId=E3E63BCCA0ADDD5!20444&authkey=!AEsSJJclVSeBZ70&o=OneUp


I got response from software maker support they use common OpenGL for the 3D graphics, and they have not experienced issue like this before. I have also reported this issue to AMD, and I'm hoping for solution


But I would like to ask if someone else is also using this program on Windows 10 to tell me if they are facing the same problem.


Thank You