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How to enabled HDCP?

Question asked by component_actual on Oct 23, 2015

I am trying to watch an HD video on Amazon with Silverlight, in my Firefox browser on Windows 10 64bit. I have an R9 290 connected to my monitor via DVI. Amazon keeps saying HD viewing isn't availabe because my display devices doesn't meet HDCP requirements. I have had this setup for a long time and have never had trouble with HDCP content before. I think it is some sort of driver issue. I am on CCC 15.10 beta.


I remember there use to be an option in the Catalyst software to enable or disable HDCP, but I no longer can seem to find it. Is there no longer an HDCP option you can toggle, or is HDCP support just missing from the Beta driver, or is it just not detecting a compatible device?


Kind of clueless as to what could be causing the issue honestly, and not sure where to start. Already tried disabling hardware acceleration in Firefox and Silverlight to no avail.