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R7 M260 problem

Question asked by keyzamey on Oct 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by akc10011

I have Windows 10 HP laptop A8-6410 cpu with integrated R5 + R7 M260 GPU. Couple of days ago I noticed that games became very lagy (huge fps drops to 1 fps). I had 15.7.1 driver so I installed 15.10 but nothing has changed. I checked for malware and even updated bios but still no changes. When I switch to integrated R5 trough activating power saving mode, everything works fine. In other forums I saw that other people are having the exact same problem. Also I noticed that games slow down when something happens for the first time in game, for exaple when you see something new, turn aroud your character in wow / skyrim or see the pitch for the first time in pes 2016. But new things are always happening in games so its a big problem. Is this AMD driver problem or Windows 10 problem? Thanks in advance.