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My AMD r9 200 driver wont update after update to windows 10

Question asked by theawesomist on Oct 23, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2015 by theawesomist


  Processor- AMD FX B120 eight core

  Graphics Card- AMD Radeon R9 200 series


When I upgraded to windows 10 my screen started flickering like this:


I'm 95% sure its my Graphics Card causing this, because when I disable it everything works fine. According the what I found, when researching the problem, this issue should be easily solved with the latest driver update 15.7.1. When I install the update it finishes with the anticipated message "Update Successful." But when I check the device manager it says the driver version is still version 15.201...


I'm not a computer genius so if I'm overlooking something obvious please let me know. Thanks