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    How to create the "perfect password"


      These researchers have discovered the perfect password that’s also easy to remember - The Washington Post


      But two researchers at the University of Southern California may have finally come up with the perfect solution. Marjan Ghazvininejad and Kevin Knight of the University of Southern California have published a paper with a novel solution for creating with passwords that are both extremely hard to crack and relatively easy to remember: randomly-generated poems.


      It makes sense. If you're like me you use your internet browser's password manager or a third party password manager and use "smash your hand on the keyboard" passwords like KI4lO29I4mznc821ER which are quite secure, but unless you are an idiot savant you're not going to remember half a dozen or more of them. But even if you used something far more simple like "Usain Bolt is fast but He cannot run to the Past", which is 38 characters without spaces, on every site, pretty much every hacker would skip yours and go to one of the thousands of people who use 1234, password, or something easily as guessed.


      The article has a link to their example generator, and these are some that it comes up with


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