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    GTA V Unplayable at higher Graphics settings R9 390


      If I have the graphics set above high and anything like MSAA turned on the game gets so laggy its unplayable. If I turn everything down it only lags at certain times. Like when first getting in a vehicle the throttle will be stuck open and the wheel will be stuck in what ever direction I placed them in. Does this for 3 to 5 seconds then I can continue as normal.

      I have disabled antivirus. Run with only one monitor. Ran without team speak. Literally turned everything off that I could see that might be causing a problem.


      I have a FX 8120 proccessor

      16 Gigs of ram

      and a asus R9 390 Graphics card.

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          if you have all updates for the game , the first thing to try is delete the xml folder as sometimes this gets corrupt ," that's under documents/rockstar/gta5 and the very bottom file should be a xml folder "


          that folder saves the graphics settings and custom key mapping, so look in game if you don't remember what they are .


          if that doesn't work then overlay msi afterburner on screen overlay and watch cpu/ram/pagefile/gpu usage and see what is maxing out or dropping out during the stuttering / fps loss