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Blizzard Games 15.10b + Error 132 + r9 390

Question asked by marioinfinity on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2015 by john007

Anyone having any luck with the beta drivers for gaming yet?


I've had it crash in wow (yes i dink around in wow) and a few games of HoTs (thx for ruining my rating !! )


I've used the 15.15 old drivers but it causes crashes in windows 10 so i'm stuck on win8.1 atm, which suuucks.. (15.15 causes video card crashes in win10 since its so old.. lol)



After 15yrs of being an AMD fan, throwing 350 bucks at a gpu, this is terrible... i'm wondering why the heck i didn't go with nvidia.. ><



Anyway, if anyone's seen any settings/configs or something to avoid crashes with 15.10b i'd be happy to hear them, id love to not be on win8.1 ... thx