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4870x2 core speed issue

Question asked by necroflex on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2015 by necroflex

So i always had a ''hard-on'' for the 4870x2 back when it came out, but i couldn't buy it due to the price and then i sort of forgot about it, so i was browsing my countries ''ebay'' type website where you sell stuff and came across the card and instantly wanted it, got it and put it into my unused xeon x3210 rig i have, it works normally, temps are in the 50's as expected from a dual GPU (have the GAINWARD version, 2 fans making sure it doesn't overheat, i hope) so i went and installed MSI Afterburner when i noticed the core speed was at 507MHz and the memory one was at 950MHz, thought nothing of it since usually it's lower when doing nothing, so as i usually like to do, i OCed the card, 50MHz over the normal values, that's the max you can do and i went and ran was bad, saw that the core clock didn't change one bit, stayed at 507, even the other one you can select in MSI didn't change at all either, something seems to have bugged out or idk what, i googled the issue and it seems a lot of people had it back then, even the latest driver (from back in 2013) still has the issue, my question is, is there a solution? Can anything be done, cause when this card is OCed and used fully, it has so much potential, i can beat some newer cards, the memory bandwith is insane, but can't be used if the card is gonna sleep basically.