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Linux Graphics Driver for FirePro 2270 and Radeon HD 6320

Question asked by ps1105 on Oct 23, 2015



I am playing around with an HP t610 Thin Client that has two built in graphics cards: one FirePro 2270 and one Radeon HD 6320. My goal is to connect two monitors per graphics card to get a four monitor setup. I have installed Lubuntu 14.04.03 LTS and was looking for a driver for both graphics card. The original OS on the ThinClient was HP ThinPro and there is a driver that can be downloaded for that, but I haven't been able to find one for Linux.


At the moment I have installed the AMD Catalyst 15.9 Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver, but that way I only get video output on the two monitors connected to the Radeon HD 6320 graphics card. And after installing the driver for the FirePro Graphics Card (AMD FirePro Software Suite Multilaguage 14.502.1040), my OS wouldn't boot anymore. Does a driver for both graphics cards exist for Lubuntu?


Thank you for any help/tipps