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Free Game with CPU purchase (Dirt Rally) doesn't run.  Error 41.  Can I get some help or a different game?

Question asked by sector47 on Oct 22, 2015

I got a free copy of DiRT Rally with a recent purchase of an AMD FX8300 CPU.  The program downloaded OK and activated in the STEAM environment, but it won't run.  Always gives an error 41 message, which says that the STEAM servers are too busy right now to handle the final installation steps. (It quits at 1% complete.)  Same message every day and every time of day.  STEAM support has provided essentially nothing to help.  Some of what I can find online says it may not run on this CPU.  Strange to bundle a game with a CPU that can't run it! 


Can I get some help here or instead just get different game from AMD that will run on my new CPU?