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Add 7950 for Crossfire and every Steam app gives Blue screen of death in WIN 7

Question asked by ssggeezer on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by t77chevy

I added a 2nd 7950 for crossfire on my gaming machine last night, and after rebooting, my wireless adapter failed until I unplugged and re-plugged it into its USB slot.

After that re-connected, I would attempt to run the 3D Mark demo to check for improvement but would get the BSD. This also occurred when attempting to go into Counterstrike Source.


After multiple blue screens, I attempted to re install my Netgear dongle but it could not find the file which was curious because after the next step I found the install file and copied it to a thumb drive in case of future problems.

I used system restore and all went well as the system found the second card and installed the drivers, then after rebooting to complete the install, the ASUS BIOS update scheduling window popped up along with the Catalyst window to set Crossfire or not. The ASUS window would not cancel out and the Netgear was not connecting except when unplugged and then plugged back in again.  When the link to CCC was clicked, Crossfire was showing as enabled already, so I used Ctrl, Alt Del to get rid of the ASUS Popup.

Any attempt to get into Source for the Video stress test or into 3D Mark either hung at a black screen or went straight to the blue screen of death. Frustrating because the machine has been rock solid with one 7950 since i built it 2 months ago.

Specs as follows: AMD FX-8350 @ stock with aftermarket cooling,

ASUS M-5A99FX Pro Motherboard

24 Gig of G-Skill Ripjaws RAM

2- Sapphire Radeon HD 7950

Netgear WNA 3100 wireless connection

EVGA 850 Watt Power Supply



No additional cards

Thanks in advance for any help and advice.

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