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Why did amd release the FURY X , knowing it was slower then the TITAN X in dx11?

Question asked by h42v3y on Oct 22, 2015
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  1. i know people guna say its faster in dx12
  2. i own a fury x
  3. nvidia released new drivers dat beeted the fury x in dx12
  4. even if it is faster in dx12, ITS STIL SLOWER IN DX11, how can u bank on something that isnt even  AMD to make the card faster,, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN FASTER IN EVERYWAY FOR BRAGGING RIGHTS, NO MATTER THE COST BECAUSE THATS WAT US CUSTOMERS PAY AS A PREMIUM.

AMD DONT LIE TO US, just be honest


when that lady said in the conference its a overclockers dreem, what was her defenition of it. Ok i do see it being a OC dreem but thats if you pull apart the card and add some liquid nitrogen style cooling and get the hbm to like 1500mhz but right noww,, when ddr has transfer speeds of 30GB/S give or take,, u get what im trying to say


now im not shi,,pooping on you but i just want to give u an opportunity to explain yourselfs to us to help us understand better. As i believe there is a lack of communication as u only really publicise wat u want us to know.


You even put a intel i7 in the quantom but nobody is blaming you for that but like you got a new cpu coming out soon,, so why didnt u use that? even if it is brokend.


OK look i dont mesure quality by fps. BUT EVERYONE ELSE DOES.


i always got my fury x set to quality because u know what, the fury x does seem to have more shaders, im not guna lie i dont exactly know wat a shader does but i know in my horror games , more shading = !!!!!!!!!!!


so tell us.. was your goal not fps but quality?


it probably wasent but just agree with me to shut me up


ps, even with hmb why have you not addressed the issue of microstutter, then again im playing loads of dx11 games so i hope you have.. and im also using pci-e2.0


look yh, microsoft speak back to us in the insiders forums..


thats the least you can do. help us help you help you