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AMD Athlon 5350 on ASUS AM1I-A does not recognize my hard disk

Question asked by hawk41 on Oct 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2015 by hawk41

My set up:

AMD Athlon 5350

Motherboard: ASUS AM1I-A

BIOS platform: American Megatrends version 2.10.1208

AMD BIOS driver: ver. 702x64 dated 08/19/2015.

Hard disk: Western Digital velociraptor WD1600HLFS (SATA2)

BIOS: Set up for IDE and 3Gb/sec (SATA2)

My problem:

BIOS does not recognize the HD, Only the DVD. Both are SATA.

The HD has a WIN10 installed and several applications. WIN10 has been installed (download WT64/amd_sata driver on the fly) despite the fact that BIOS does not recognize the HD.


Sometimes, by using Hiren's CD and playing around with various programs, can I get the BIOS to recognize the HD and boot WIN10. But that's not hold when restart. There is no consistency. Only pure chance.

Have contacted ASUS, but haven't had any usefull response from ASUS. So far I have be frustrated by this system for more than a month.


How is it possible that a MOBO suited for SATA3 HD, and presumably downwards compatible with SATA2, cannot address a SATA2 HD?

The AMD BIOS driver is ver no. 6 since introduction. Are there still bugs in the SW?

Have several AMD based computers, but the is the first time I have had any trouble. Will it be the last?