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    Black Stallion



      It is a sleeper rig. It looks unassuming until you turn it on....





      CPUAMD FX-8320
      CoolerStock lol :p
      MotherboardBiostar HiFi TA970 Plus
      Memory16 GB Patriot
      GraphicsMSI R9 270
      Disc Drive 1WD Black 1 TB
      Disc Drive 2PNY XLR8 240 GB
      Disc Drive 3{drive3}
      PSUUltra Professional Series V2 650W
      CaseUltra XBlaster V2
      MonitorHP LV2311
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          Noice! Ican see why you call it a sleeper!

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            I have to say... you need to ditch and replace that PSU IMMEDIATELY . A S A P . WARNING . DANGER WILL ROBINSON!


            Seriously, the quality is really bad and could cook/fry your whole system. they have terrible parts, terrible power fluctuations (ripple), and no stability. Its listed in the Tier 5 (Avoid at all costs). The PSU is THE most important part of your build, please - I beg you to go get a new one... check out XFX, or Seasonic... RUN!