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Sapphire R9 380 4G Nitro GTA 5 Crash

Question asked by luca_morelli on Oct 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2015 by hardcoregames™

Hi , since i've assembled this PC : Motherboard ASUS A88X-GAMER, CPU AMD Athlon II X4 860K Black Edition , GPU Sapphire R9 380 4G Nitro and RAM Hyperx Savage DDR3 PC 2133 8GB GTA 5 is crashing after a few minutes from the starting , i've tried changing from Directx 11 to Directx 10.1 and Directx 10 and i've tried to install beta driver and formatting my pc without result.

There is someone that have resolved this problem? If yes how?

Thanks in advance for answers