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    display port black screen after installing CCC


      i bought NX-VUE24A because its the cheapest freesync monitor i can find and whenever i try using display port my screen just goes black unless i lower the frequency from 144hz to 60 or something but then the display only shows still images. if i try changing windows or doing anything it just goes black until there is no movement.

      after testing around i've noticed that the problem only happens when CCC is loaded up. if i boot in safe mode the monitor works just fine under 144hz 1080p

      the versions i used were 15.7.1 and 15.10 using sapphire r9 390 nitro (no backplate) on windows 7 ultimate

      the monitor works just fine with HDMI @ 120hz but honestly one of the main reasons i got this monitor was freesync and it simply doesnt work due to software problems.

      does anyone have any suggestions? ive tried increasing the voltage with MSI afterburner it doesnt do anything