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    pink/green screen for r9 200 since windows 10 upgrade


      A few weeks back I installed windows 10 on my PC.  Almost immediately, I started getting problems where the monitor display suddenly changes to pink/green, changes back to normal after a few minutes, and then the cycle repeats.  It seems to change most frequently in GPU-intensive tasks, eg photo editing rather than eg web browsing.  This has never happened before.  I switched the HDMI lead & the connecting port on the monitor to no effect.  I have the latest drivers installed. Any ideas?

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          .............think I've fixed it: for digital tvs in catalyst control centre set the colour pixel format to rgb (see below)


          haven't had a re-occurrence since I changed the setting: no idea why this was not an issue before the windows 10 upgrade, anyway hope this helps others



          Selecting Pixel Format for Digital TVs (HDMI™)


          Use the Pixel Format page to select the pixel format best suited to your viewing content.

          Note: This feature is available only for DTVs connected to your graphics card via an HDMI cable.


          1. Navigate to one of the following pages:
            • Standard View—Desktops and Displays > My Digital Flat-Panels > Pixel Format.
            • Advanced View—My Digital Flat-Panels > Pixel Format.
          2. If more than one digital flat-panel is available for your computer, use the display selection menu at the top of the page to select the display that you want to configure.
          3. Select the desired pixel format from the Color Pixel Format list. Once the new pixel format has been applied, you can choose to accept the new format or revert to the previous format in the message dialog that appears.
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