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FirePro V4900 cannot work properly on Windows 10

Question asked by emeraldbian on Oct 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by ranger853

It has been two months since I upgraded the new Windows 10 on my desktop equipped AMD FirePro V4900 1G DDDR5. Everything works perfectly until a week ago. There is a system notice at the right corner saying "Graphic driver failed to start,  use Microsoft basic display driver instead" always appear on the screen. When I checked the dxdiag.exe, the display card was automatically switched to the Microsoft basic display driver instead. After that, I have the problem of display with flickering and flashing while opening up any new windows. I uninstalled and reinstalled the lasted AMD graphic driver through the device manager but that didn't help me out. Actually I cannot uninstall the AMD graphics and controller center smoothly, which always get "critical error" freezing on the display and then I had to reboot the computer. The last time I installed the lasted AMD graphics driver (edition 15.200.1045) directly downloaded from the AMD sites, which is different from the edition (15.200.1060) I got through clicking the "Update driver" on the Device Manager. Help me out! The display keeps flashing.