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7950 3 monitors

Question asked by jgauthier on Oct 19, 2015
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  For quite some time I've been running 3 monitors on my 7950.  One from DVI, and two from the DisplayPort using DisplayPort->DVI adapters.

My primary monitor, that was directly connected to DVI failed.  So, I purchased a new monitor, and put it in place.  It's a fair bit newer than my old one, and supports 2560x1440 resolution.

However, it appears that the monitor can only be driven at this resolution when connected directly to HDMI  (it may also work directly to DP, but I don't have an adapter for that yet).

IE: it won't drive the monitor at 2560x1440 using DVI.


So, I've plugged it in with HDMI, but now I can only drive on additional display.  I've tried all possible combinations of the DVI connector and the displayport->DVI cables.

It seems that it just won't work.


Any suggestions on a configuration to try?   I'm wondering if I will be able to drive all 3 if I take the 2560x1440 and put it directly to DP (not conversion, it won't work with DVI like that either), and then use the other DP and DVI connectors.


Thanks for any input.