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Brightness problem (black screen) when updating drivers

Question asked by diogomartins on Oct 19, 2015
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Hello and good day,

First let me apologise if i'm not using the forum correctly, but this is my first time around...


     So I've been having this problem for about two weeks and i think i have tried just about everything, from changing some settings like "EnableUPLS" on the registry to clean install the drivers again (uninstalling with DDU) .


     I clean installed Windows 7 Home Premium on my ASUS X54H, and when rebooting after installing the latest AMD drivers (specific to my machine) the screen whet black after the windows boot up screen, or so i thought because yesterday I noticed that the screen isn't actually black but just really (and i mean REALY) low on brightness.


     From the two weeks of google searching I noticed that the problem is not that rare (even though most people don't notice that the screen isn't actually totally black).


     The only solution I think could do the trick is installing older drivers , wich i dont actually mind, BUT there is a problem with that, when i try to install the older version of the driver it looks like the attached images.


     As you can see the older "drivers" don't actually have the "display drivers", so when you install and reboot the computer stays the same.


(I also forgot to mention that if i connect the computer to a tv via HDMI or to an old monitor i can see the screen fine, without any problem).


Any help would be apreciated, and if you need anything from my side just ask.
Sorry for the long post,


Diogo Martins