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HD5970 and Windows 10 - No input signal

Question asked by jimbne07 on Oct 18, 2015

A Microsoft upgrade a number of months back seemed to cause some issues with the display of my PC and then the upgrade to win 10 amplified the issues.

Over time with updates of drivers etc the system became more stable but would still go to a "No Input Signal" on my monitor when playing World of Tanks at least once a day. Last week this occurred and now I am unable to get anything to display except "No Input Signal". The connection is via a DVI to HDMI setup.


CPU: i7 930

Motherboard: GA-X58A-UD7

GPU: HD5970

OS: Windows 10 64 bit with Direct x 12 (I believe this was the downloaded version of direct x)


1. I have plugged the monitor (HP w2207) into my laptop and this works fine (resolution is 1680 1050).

2. I can hear the PC boot fine, watch the motherboard lights go green and then  hear the windows introduction sound.

3. I can press <enter>, insert password, then press <enter> and hear windows once loaded


So the issue appears to be with the graphics delivery and as the message states - No Input Signal.


Remembering that I can not actually see anything on my screen, is there anything I can do to rectify this situation as it sounds graphics card/ driver oriented