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    XFX R9 270x screen flickering


      Hello everyone,


      I bought a new graphic card (XFX R9 270x) and the problem is screen flickering when browsing the web or watching some videos.


      The problem was the drivers because when I uninstalled the Catalyst Control Center and the drivers, the problem was gone.


      I thought that maybe older drivers would work... So I uninstalled them completely in safe mode using Guru3D tool.

      I installed the oldest drivers that can detect my graphic card, which is version 13.12.


      But still, the problem is there!


      I have this log of the drivers crashing :

      "Le pilote d’affichage amdkmdap ne répondait plus." which means "The display driver amdkmdap didn't respond."


      Facts :

      My PSU is Cooler Master 750w GX.

      My motherboard ASRock B87 Anniversary BIOS is the latest version.

      My graphic card XFX R9 270x BIOS is the latest version.


      Example video of the problem (not my video): R9 270x Screen Flickering - YouTube


      I don't know what to do anymore, so please help me.

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          How are you connecting the Graphics Card to the monitor? HDMI/DVI etc? Can you try a different display connection to see if the same problem occurs?


          What Web Browser are you using? Have you tried a different browser? Please try disabling hardware acceleration to see if that resolves the issue.

          What Operating System are you using?

          Has this ever worked correctly? If so, what has changed?


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              The monitor is plugged to the card via HDMI. I will try something else tonight or tomorrow.


              My browser is Chrome, latest version. I already tried disabling the hardware acceleration, without luck. I also tried Internet Explorer, same issue.


              My OS is WIndows 8.1 x64.


              I am pretty much certain that it's a driver issue because the problem isn't there without any version of the drivers (tried a lot of them).


              I even tried downgrading my graphic card BIOS, but ran into a blue screen when installing the drivers.

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              Hello everyone,


              I think I found out something and I don't think the problem is about the drivers.


              By default, my XFX R9 270x card has 1400 MHz memory clock. I lowered it to 1300 MHz using AMD Overdrive and the flickering disappeared.


              So I guess it is a hardware issue.


              I will update as soon as I have an official answer.