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Flickering in games and menus + display driver crash r9 295 x2

Question asked by eztra on Oct 18, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by eztra

Hello all,


I am  having problems with my new card, in World of warships the Menu is flickering, when i start a game the screen shows washed out colors, some time with flickering and stretch objects.


Also when I play league of legends, I get an error message saying that amd display driver has stopped working but it has recovered itself, then after a delay I am in game. I had a different graphics card before and the games always have run fine.


What i have tried to fix is:


Driver wipe and fresh installation


Playing with settings in game turned off post processing etc.


any help would be greatly appreciated, I feel really disappointed after being set back by ££££ and the games are not working correctly.


My computer specs:


i5, 8gb ram, 860w psu, r9 295x2, iiyama E2483HS