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GPU BIOS for 6470M (7450M?) and 6520G, or are they broken?

Question asked by amilian on Oct 18, 2015

I am sitting on a Samsung NP305V5-S05SE with dual graphics.


The main GPU is 6470M, that according to forums are rebranded as 7450M and want to install itself as 7400-series. As long as I have it deactivated, the computer is perfectly stable. As soon as I activate it and reboot, I can work 1 minute inside windows before BSOD referring to atikmpag.sys and ~0116.


I have been trying to find specific drivers for these GPUs, but the ones I find claims it does not work with this windows. (Windows 7 Pro 64x)


When using GPU-Z it claims that the 6520G card have a core of 2000 MHz and memory 667 MHz (shared) and the inactivated 6470M shows 0,4 MHz in core and 1726,3 MHz in memory.


Is it possible to get these GPUs back to "factory settings" or does this mean something is seriously wrong with them?


The computers BIOS is AMIBIOS and in short - most I can do is set boot order. (Possible to change BIOS?)


Any help and/or insight on this problem is much appreciated.


King regards,