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Sapphire 280x 3gD5 screen freeze

Question asked by kiboko86 on Oct 17, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by kiboko86

So I have posted this elsewhere to no use in other forums, I figured I would come here and ask.

I recently built the following gaming PC:

Intel i5 4460

Saphire 280x 3 gig 5ddr

2x 4 gig ram

Seagate HDD 1t

Seasonic 520w bronze 80+


I have tried running ARMA 2 and Metro and both games get as far as the menu then the screen freezes. NO black screen or crash, just freezes there. I can still move the cursor and the menu music continues to play unhindered, i just can't select any of the menu options.

I also have binding of Isaac:rebirth which is 2d and it plays fine, no problem running it.

the CPU and GPU don't have time to get up to temp because i can't put any load on them.

the first couple of times i tried arma 2 i would get kicked out of the game and it would say that the GPU had unexoectedly quit working and recovered.


I really would love to get this working, it's my first PC as a graduation present to myself from my wife and I would greatly appreciate any advice. Thanks!