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radeon hd7870, Driver reporting incorrect monitor specs

Question asked by loadtheorig on Oct 17, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by t77chevy

I just upgraded to the newest drivers and was unable to get my monitor to run at a 16:10 or a 16:9 spec ratio out of the shown on the AMD control panel, I had to over drive the display to resize back to what it was on the previous version drivers, it seems to ignore widescreen 1080p or basic for that matter.  I had to revert back to 14.501.1003.141120a.177998C in order for the 1680x1050 to not overfill the screen. Up to today, windows 10 is the only OS I have seen this issue.

The software seems to ignore the normal settings i.E. 1680x1050,  and is instead setting the display for the 1080p form HDMI. This a new build with just office, motherboard drivers and display.  Nothing else installed, so the question is WHY???

Motherboard: ASRock FX990 Fatality1

CPU:             AMD FX8350 8core running stock

Video Card: Redeon HD 7870 wgig DDR5, MSI Cooler

Memory16 gig OCZ PC2300 DDR3

OS  Widows 7 64bit OEM

850 Green PS

OS Drive: OCZ-AGILITY3 SATA 245 gig

LG blueray player

Asus CD-RW

Monitor: Viewsonic VX2433wm.


Thanks in advance