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AMD Driver not working in many different ways

Question asked by desluos_ps4 on Oct 17, 2015

Windows and AMD driver software are telling me many different conflicting things at the moment.  When I go to device manager, it tells me that I have Radeon HD 7400.  The amd driver version finder (forgot what it's called.  The one that finds the right software to download for you) tells me that I have Radeon HD 6470.  In device manager it tells me that I need to restart my computer for the driver to fully work, so I did so.  When it turns back on, it tells me this same message.  Also whenever I turn my computer on a message window will pop up saying that I don't have any amd driver software installed on my computer, even though I have reinstalled the software many times, after which the installer tells me that it has installed fine.  Now it has gotten to the point where most of my programs wont run correctly and I think this is the reason why.  I'm really lost and have been trying to fix this problem for the past week using many different online sources which help many people except me.  Can I get some help?