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Configuring AMD A10-7870k APU

Question asked by leinad30 on Oct 18, 2015

Can someone teach me how to setup my A10-7870k APU?

My motherboard is Gigabyte A68hm-S1 and already been updated with xpress install.

Just bought this unit and i wonder how to fully setup my APU, cause my dxdiag shows only a 209mb approx. memory, is it normal?

its only running on auto GFX settings in BIOS.


i wonder why its only shows as 209mb approx. memory but in the screenshot below.


my memory useable is only 6.95gb, i wonder where my 1gb memory goes?


was planning on putting 2gb from my ram to APU but i dont know how and i dont know how to check if its done correctly.


btw my ram is 8gb GSkill 1866.


Any suggestion and ideas are really appreciated, hoping to have some clear instruction and please have mercy on me newbie here.


Thanks in advance guys!