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    Excessive screen tearing R9 280, Windows 10, 15.7.1 CCC


      I have been having extreme video tearing problems across multiple titles (dx9 - dx11) including


      Assassins creed 4 Black flag

      Bioshock 2

      Bioshock Infinite

      Shadow of Mordor

      Grand theft auto 5 (running full screen mode)


      For example in Black Flag I get around 40-45fps. Moving the mouse very slowly left to right I get about 4-8 horizontal tear lines appear (much more than normal without vsync on).

      I'm used to a bit of video tearing without vsync on but this seems a bit extreme for the fps I am getting (turning on vsync does fix it).



      Windows 10 Pro 64bit (clean install)

      Tried 15.7.1 - 15.10 Beta

      AMD 1090t

      Asus Crosshair IV (890fx)

      Asus Xonar Essence STX

      8GB ram

      R9 280

      860w corsair psu

      benq v2420h (I've tried an acer monitor too and the same problem happens)

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          even if the fps are below say 60 fps for a 60hz monitor that doesn't mean those below 60 fps are being sent at the right time , that's where freesync comes in handy , it makes sure those fps between its range is sent at the right time without the jumping from high to low fps seen by standard vsync . this is not a driver issue .


          simply lower game settings and use standard vsync , or even better try a freesync monitor , I personally recommend them

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            I've managed to fix the problem;


            I noticed that the abnormal tearing didn't happen straight away when turning my pc on - it started after about 3-5 mins in game when the gpu had heated up a bit.

            The gpu core temp was always normal (about 73 C after 2 hours gaming) and it wasn't thermal throttling but I decided to try reseating the gpu cooler anyway and applying fresh thermal paste.

            And it worked

            No more excessive tearing, been playing for a few days now and it hasn't come back.

            I'm guessing something wasn't making good contact and was getting too hot.


            Ironically my frametime graphs are pretty much exactly the same so I'm guessing the tearing was happening somewhere further down the rendering process and fraps couldn't catch it.