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My 8320E cpu speed is locked

Question asked by grizdrummer25 on Oct 16, 2015

After several retries at installing Win7 on my SSD, I began to notice my computer being slow. Looking in the MSI Command Center, I notice my CPU cores are flatlined at 1.4Ghz. In the Bios the settings are correct at 200x16, but in the CC it says it's running at 200x7. I can't change the multiplier from the Command Center, only the Base and Ratio, none of which do anything. Even downloading and playing with AMD Overdrive doesn't let it above 1.4ghz. I contacted AMD and they (of course) gave me the "bios up to date" and "power supply" answers - so I figured I'd reach out to the community for help!


I'm NOT trying to OC! The only help I can find anywhere else is for over-clocking. The most I want is to have the CPU properly bounce from it's base clock to it's natural "unlock" speed of 4.0 like it's supposed to! Not comfortable messing with voltage - which btw, different monitor programs keep giving me different readings as to what it's set at - or trying to get to 4.8ghz or anything. 


My last effort is to make sure the Slow-Mode switch is off on the Mobo [even though it hasn't made a diff before] and to reset the CMOS battery and J_BAT to try to get default BIOS settings. The only thing I change when I try to reset BIOS is the Ram speed.




MSI 970 Gaming MoBo - v22.3 [latest I can find]
AMD 8320E cpu 3.2ghz, with 4.0ghz boost, 95w
Arctic Cooling A11 cpu cooler
8gb x2 G-Skill 1866Mhz RAM
EVGA GT740 graphics - - replacing with GTX760 FTW ACX 4GB
Rosewill 650W 80+ Bronze Semi-Modular PSU

Plenty of airflow, fyi is not relevant in this instance.


Any advice is extremely appreciated! I hate paying $128 for a glorified Celeron D!   xP