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after win10 upgrade amd radeon HD5000 graphics driver wont stick/stay installed after every reboot

Question asked by xaqshawn on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2015 by xaqshawn

this PC is an hp dv7 4177nr laptop originally running win7 home prem sp1, & i upgraded to win10 & before the upgrade i had the AMD radeon HD4200 graphics card & after the update what seems to have happened is it came with a Radeon HD5000 graphics card update/upgrade, but after MANY unsuccessful attempts to update the driver for the Radeon HD5000 graphics, I am hoping/asking for some help. After the initial upgrade to windows 10 after the first reboot it stated my graphics card was not working or not functioning properly, & i have attempted many possible solutions including but not limited to windows updates & amd cat control cent, all attempts were futile. In device manager I have the error next to Radeon HD 5000, but underneath is the Radeon HD 4200 with no error next to it, my question here is isnt only one graphics card necessary? I have no control over screen brightness either, it stays at the preset brightness with no way to dim or brighten..  HP has no drivers additional drivers to correct any issues for this PC, & AMD cat control cent installs the driver which fixes the issue until the PC is restarted or shutdown, afterwards the same error message is shown with some same error in device manager next to Radeon HD5000 but Radeon HD4200 is underneath(as usual) yet again working properly(as usual) showing no errors next to it.. I'm outta ideas at this point & help would be greatly appreciated