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Why when i click too much on left click that close the game

Question asked by symh on Oct 15, 2015
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Two months ago, i buy a computer to someone i know and know how it work. He just reinstalle windows in and instead of windows 7, his favorite, he add me the Windows 10 non-official. I have a windows 8 key but i don't have the CD or something to reinstall this.


My probleme isn't there. Before i buy the computer, he work pretty well. Now, when i'm on a game, if i left click too much like 3 or 4 time, the game crash. i dont see the game but he keep continue sometime. (Soo many LP i lose on League of Legends because i was doing materies...)


The solution i find for this it's to put the game on Fullscreen and back on Bordeless (windowed) that fix the probleme but i always need to do this for EACH GAME I PLAY... and every time it open.


But sometime i have fun game i can't play because it's wont work. And i really want to play at this game. I don't know if it the Windows 10 non-official that doing this or something but for me windows 10 = Bullsh*t for gaming with all the probleme i got with.


An other exemple, of game that doing me this. Diablo 3. Imposible to go on the map Desolation sands. I try everything on the internet to solve the problem, ask the support, and they find nothing and they keep studying the probleme for 1 month. The left click probleme are on this game too. not to mention it's on ALL games..


What can i do for this. I do :


- Change my AMD Driver

- Change the AMD CCC

- Reinstall game (3x each game)

- Back on the version after the instalion of Windows 10

- Change some setting on game and on CCC

- Change monitor and mouse (I need a new one and that make me see that not the probleme. Why i'm saying this ? Because that solve me a probleme back on past)

- Ask 2 support to help me and no answer back after 1 month


Please help me