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    Amd Apu+discrete graphic issues.


      So I just bought a Dell Inspiron 5555 with Amd Apu-7410 processor(with R5 integrated gpu) and a discrete Amd R5 m335 gpu, but I have serious issues with games.

      World of Warcraft is randomly crashing/locking/minimzing, I have tried setting the driver to use the discrete gpu when playing or when the laptop is on power source, but still the issue persist, another game I have tried is PlanetSide2 which has a lot of issues also: when toggling through factions the game minimizes/maximizes itself and player models not loading.

      Issues are on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 which was a fresh install.


      The laptop came with Ubuntu installed....I do not even want to start talking about the driver for the discrete GPU because it doesn't exist.


      Is there a way to keep the games stable under Windows7 or should I return the laptop?