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    Poor quality with FirePro 2270 after upgrade to Windows 10


      I just upgraded to Windows 10 and the video quality is pretty bad. Text is difficult to look at and appears fuzzy and has a white shadow around each letter. Images are also poor quality with lots of artifacts. Windows 10 detected my card as a FirePro 2270 and automatically downloaded drivers for it (on the card is says AMD 109-C31981-00A). I am using a Westinghouse 24" 1080p TV as a monitor and using a DVI to HDMI converter to connect the card to the monitor.


      I had the same quality issue back when I installed Windows 7, but when I loaded old drivers (circa 2009) the picture quality was perfect. Windows 10 however won't let me use the old drivers and keeps defaulting to the 2015 driver. One other difference I noticed is that there is now an AMD HDMI audio driver loaded and sound coming from my TV speakers which never happened before with Windows 7. I tried disabling this and removing the driver in case it was somehow interfering but it is re-enabled every time I restart Windows. I assume the audio is passed through the DVI to the HDMI connection?


      Anyway, it is difficult to look at the screen for any length of time before getting eye fatigue. I have tried changing resolutions, refresh rates, video settings, etc, but the same problem is visible no matter what I do. Also tried downloading the latest drivers from the AMD site but they are same as the ones Windows keep automatically installing.

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          What happens when you use a straight HDMI cable, or does you card support HDMI natively?  If it does, try that. If it doesn't, then I'll wager you have a problem with your "DVi to HDMI converter"--can you buy a DVI-to-HMI cable somewhere?  That's your problem, no doubt. 


          Go here to grab a Microsoft utility that allows you to hide driver updates in Win10, to try your old driver.


          Also, you must be disabling the audio driver incorrectly.  Open the Device Manager, open Sound, video and game controller, and right-click on AMD HIgh Definition Audio Device and select Disable.  Answer Yes to the verification question.  That's it.  It will not reenable upon a reboot. However,  should you select Uninstall instead of Disable, the device will reinstall itself upon reboot.


          Simpler solution, however, since you obviously don't wish to use your TV for sound is to simply turn the speaker volume on the TV all the way down or mute the sound from the TV using the TV controls.  With the sound down all the way it doesn't matter if the GPU is outputting sound to it.  It will not conflict with your preferred sound device.

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            Set overscan to 0%, then make sure your TV is set to 1:1 pixel mode (often called by other names).  Or use VGA instead, which won't have the overscan problem, if the display supports it.