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Poor quality with FirePro 2270 after upgrade to Windows 10

Question asked by erockaustin on Oct 16, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2015 by Thanny

I just upgraded to Windows 10 and the video quality is pretty bad. Text is difficult to look at and appears fuzzy and has a white shadow around each letter. Images are also poor quality with lots of artifacts. Windows 10 detected my card as a FirePro 2270 and automatically downloaded drivers for it (on the card is says AMD 109-C31981-00A). I am using a Westinghouse 24" 1080p TV as a monitor and using a DVI to HDMI converter to connect the card to the monitor.


I had the same quality issue back when I installed Windows 7, but when I loaded old drivers (circa 2009) the picture quality was perfect. Windows 10 however won't let me use the old drivers and keeps defaulting to the 2015 driver. One other difference I noticed is that there is now an AMD HDMI audio driver loaded and sound coming from my TV speakers which never happened before with Windows 7. I tried disabling this and removing the driver in case it was somehow interfering but it is re-enabled every time I restart Windows. I assume the audio is passed through the DVI to the HDMI connection?


Anyway, it is difficult to look at the screen for any length of time before getting eye fatigue. I have tried changing resolutions, refresh rates, video settings, etc, but the same problem is visible no matter what I do. Also tried downloading the latest drivers from the AMD site but they are same as the ones Windows keep automatically installing.