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A10-5800K max display resolution?

Question asked by hansmeiser on Oct 15, 2015
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tried to buy a new monitor a few months ago. Unfortunately the A10-5800K was not able to output 2560x1080 via HDMI on my ASRock FM2A75-ITX board. 1920x1080 worked, but that didn't make much sense on a 21:9 screen.


New approach, this time the monitor features 2560x1440. I do realize that's even bigger than my failed previous attempt, however, I read somewhere that the problem is not the resolution itself, but the aspect ratio (2560x1440 ist standard 16:9, 2560x1080 is 21:9, which seems to be fairly new and thus possibly unsupported). Yet somewhere else I read that it depends on the connection, HDMI, Display Port or DVI (only have HDMI). And even further down the road (Internet is big …) I read the A10-5800K is able to output up to 3ksomethingtimes2kwhatever.


In short: I am completely lost. In order to reduce the chances of having to return another new monitor, could someone direct me to reliable information, or even tell me, if my hardware is fit for 2560x1440?


Thanks a lot!