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RAID 10 problems

Question asked by rapieriiia on Oct 15, 2015

RAID 10 problems




I have a system using a Gigabyte GA-880GMA-UD2H motherboard. Details of this board can be found here:


I have a hard drive that has my Windows XP installation, and 4 other 2TB drives. These additional drives are configured as RAID 10, and used as a networked shared drive.


Recently I had disk number 4 fail.


I replaced the faulty drive, and tried to use Raidxpert to rebuild my RAID.


This looked like it was working; unfortunately I didn’t see what happened when the progress bar reached 100%.


When I returned to the computer, the progress bar was sitting on 0%, and the LD still had an exclamation mark by it.


Upon rebooting my system, and entering the RAID BIOS, it now showed that disk number 3 was now not included in the RAID. I decided to replace this disk too.


Now, my computer hangs as soon as I click on My Computer, or when I try to load Raidxpert.


If I disconnect my 4 raid disks, Windows responds fine.


I really don’t know how to proceed.


Is it possible to rebuild my RAID without loading Windows?


Alternatively, how can I backup my RAID and migrate it to new hardware?


Many thanks in advance.