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Multi Monitor MISERY (win 10)

Question asked by stanislas on Oct 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by stanislas

System: - Gigabyte Z87x MB: I7 4770k: 16Gb ram: Radeon r9 290: 3x 19" Viseo203DX monitors.

- the 3 monitors are connected to the R9 via StarTech DVI/VGA active adaptors and a DisplayPort/VGA cable,

With this setup successfully running on Win 8.1 for the last year, Windows 10 upgrade in July and everything has run  happily (including driver updates) until the beginning of this week.

I decided to set up an Eyefinity group for Flight Sim X - Began to allocate the monitors in Catalyst Control when suddenly all the monitors went Black screen, and OSD showed 2 x No Signal, and the other Input not supported. No amount of restarting allowed any display on the monitors, eventually resorted to disconnecting the vga cables and managed to get 2 of the monitors to display windows. In desperation uninstalled the drivers using AMD Clean, and reinstalled, no change, read a number of similar problem reports on the net, and decided to try my luck with the latest Beta drivers - no change.

So am currently left with 2 usuable monitors (can be different ones at start up) out of 3 and seemingly no solution available.

Is this being worked on urgently?

Can anybody suggest a solution?