ZeroCore problems and possible fixes

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There are fundamental problems with the way AMD implemented ZeroCore.

1. ZeroCore functionality depends on AMD External Events Utility service. If this service is disabled, or sometimes not working properly you cannot wake up your screen after ZeroCore activated. Your PC is not freezed but you can only see black screen.

2. If there are applications on your tray bar that modifies the screen buffer ZeroCore is not working properly. The service periodically wakes up your card and the fan starts spinning up. After some idle period ZeroCore stops the fan and the card again, but screen buffer modifications starts the cycle  again.

I have a powermeter and noticed this phenomenon by seeing spikes in consumption when the card and fan powered up. Average power consumption is higher this way than without ZeroCore. Moreover this shortens the lifetime of the fan .

Possible solutions:

1.There are many registry fixes offered on different sites, but for me none of them worked. I couldn't even find a working solution to disable ZeroCore.

2. Hide applications on the traybar that have visual feedback or any animations. E.g. K10stat always wakes up the card periodically but if you set it to "Show only notification" from "Show icon and notification" it causes no problem. But this way occasionally I still stuck in black screen state.

3. Get yourself an application that frequently refreshes its tray icon. This practically disables ZeroCore . I have written a small app that does this. You can download it from my site. Make sure you set it to "Show icon and notification" in Windows Control Panel->Notification Area Icons.



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